Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Why is the City of Melbourne publishing this data?
Government data being readily available as a public resource is one of the goals in our Future Melbourne 2026 Plan. We aim to become one of the most transparent councils in Australia by increasing public disclosure and access to information. On 25 November 2014, Council endorsed an ‘open by default’ policy position supported by five open data principles.
Downloading a Dataset using the Export option (top right hand side on the dataset page)
Tabulary datasets can be exported by selecting the export otion. These files can can be downloaded as a CSV (Comma separated value) files. Datasets that display a map can be downloaded in either a Geospatial format e.g. GeoJSON or a non-geospatial format e.g. JSON. By using this option please note that the data is save locally and the data won’t be updated when the dataset is updated.
Accessing a Dataset using the API option (top right hand side on the dataset page)
By selecting the API option datasets that don’t have a geometry field can be accessed as a CSV or a JSON object. If datasets have a geometry field datasets can be accessed as a CSV, JSON and GeoJSON. If the API endpoint is used in an app for example the data on the app will be updated as the dataset is updated. The API for each dataset can be filtered or queried. Further information can be found here.
Will you publish my private data?
Rigorous processes are in place to protect your privacy. We will not publish any data of a private or sensitive nature. Read our privacy policy and our open data principles.
The City of Melbourne conducts a census of all businesses in the municipality every two years. Certain datasets are available on the open data platform. For any queries about the CLUE datasets please contact
How often is the data updated?
The frequency of updates differs for each dataset and is outlined within each dataset’s metadata. Select the ‘About’ button when viewing a dataset to find the update frequency, last updated date and version control.
Where can I get further help?
We hope that you have found the FAQs have answered most of your queries, however if you have an enquiry please contact City of Melbourne.