City of Melbourne Open Data Principles
Purpose and Scope
The City of Melbourne is committed to Open Data to foster greater transparency and accountability, to drive innovation and economic opportunities for Melbourne and, at the same time, create a more cost effective, efficient and responsive government.
All data collected and stored will be made available in machine-readable formats to the public while appropriately safeguarding sensitive information and rigorously protecting privacy. Open data means that data will be technically available and reusable and appropriate open licensing will be in place to facilitate its use.
Open Data Principles
Data will be available free:
Data will be made available at no cost, unless explicitly authorised to charge a fee by Council or the cost is set by legislative requirements.
Data will be available for open use:
Data will be made available under flexible and open licenses, allowing for reuse by the public, including businesses, researchers and individuals ensuring the data is released in a manner that does not breach privacy, public safety, security, commercial confidentiality or legislative requirements.
Data will be in accessible formats and easy to find:
Data will be easily discoverable through an Open Data Platform in accessible formats that promote its reuse
Data will be released within set standards and accountabilities:
Data will be available in a timely and relevant manner. A governance framework will be implemented to ensure the release of fit-for-purpose data in accordance with set standards and guidelines. Sufficient context and metadata will be provided to notify the user of any limitations or gaps in the dataset.
Continue to engage with the community:
Opportunities will be provided for the community to request datasets and provide feedback and the Open Data Program will be continually improved and refined based on this feedback.