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Each row contains information about the restrictions that apply to one parking bay. Each restriction consists of a set of columns:
How the data joins:
There are three datasets that make up the live parking sensor release. They are the on-street parking bay sensors, on-street parking bays and the on-street car park bay restrictions.
The way the datasets join is as follows. The on-street parking bay sensors join to the on-street parking bays by the marker_id attribute. The on-street parking bay sensors join to the on-street car park bay restrictions by the bay_id attribute. The on-street parking bays and the on-street car park bay restrictions don’t currently join.
Field information:
- FromDay: The first day in the range on which this restriction applies (0=Sunday, 6=Saturday)
- ToDay: The final day in the range, inclusive. (1-5=Monday to Friday)
- StartTime: The time each day when the restriction applies.
- EndTime: The time each day when the restriction ends.
- TypeDesc: The type of restriction. Eg: "2P Meter" (two hour parking, paid for using a meter), "Disabled Only" (only vehicles with disabiled permits can park).
- Description: A compact, human-readable description of the overall restrictions. TKT A stands for Ticket Area covers multiple bays within that area. DIS ONLY and DIS are both disabled parking spaces
- Duration: The time that a vehicle can park in the spot (assuming they can legally park there).
- DisabilityExt: For bays that aren't limited to disabled permits, how much time a vehicle with disabled permit can spend in the spot. Usually twice the regular amount of time.
- EffectiveOnPH: Does this restriction apply on public holidays.
- Exemption: Which vehicles are exempt.
There can be multiple restrictions, occurring at non-overlapping times. Each restriction is a set of columns with a number: FromDay1, ToDay1, StartTime1, EndTime1, etc.
While all due care has been taken to ensure the data of this website is accurate, current and available please note:
· there may be errors or omission in it
· there may be occasions where the data is not available and/or the website will be unavailable.
The City of Melbourne and its employees accept no responsibility for any loss, damage, claim, expense, cost or liability whatsoever (including in contract, tort including negligence, pursuant to statue and otherwise) arising in respect of or in connection with accessing, using or reliance upon the data in this website, or the unavailability of the data or the website.

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